Nissan Micra, best hatchback in India

Nissan Micra 300x162 Nissan Micra, best hatchback in India

The Micra is one of the most elegant hatchback car produced by Japanese auto manufacturer Nissan. The vehicle has some exceptional features which places it apart from all other mini cars in the country. It is not only fun to drive but also has great agility and a very responsive engine. The Nissan Micra feels nimble and light to drive which is a real boon in urban traffic conditions. It has also been ranked No. 1 in India in the Premiere Compact Car Segment by a study conducted by the McGraw-Hill companies and JD Power. It scored 857/1000, and the features that helped in scoring are its comfortable seats, HVAC system, Audio, navigation system; exterior design of the vehicle, fuel efficiency, and driver safety. The well-engineered vehicle is available in both petrol and diesel versions. Its price starts from Rs. 4.3 lakhs in India.


Nissan Micra has a kind of round shaped exterior with innovative styling touches on the twin boomerangs on the roof and the slightly raised rear. The radiator grille is chrome plated and has headlamps mounted on it. Micra is equipped with stylish washer and rear wiper, full wheel covers and body colored bumper in the top variant. Its unique body built distinguishes from other cars in its segment. The car is available in seven attractive colors. The overall measurement of Micra petrol is 3780mm, 1665mm and 1530mm in length, breadth and height. Its wheelbase is 2450mm. The diesel variant of Micra has the same dimensions but the height alone is 5mm less compared petrol variant. Read the rest of this entry »

What You Need To Fix Up Your Truck

Custom Truck Parts 300x216 What You Need To Fix Up Your Truck

High quality diesel engine parts and truck custom kits can be difficult to find online. There are all sorts of companies out there, but only a few actually test their kits before selling to the public. The top brands like Sinister Diesel, Powerstroke, Duramax and Cummins only sell to a few select online sellers with a good reputation. Some of those custom kits can be found through Facebook.

For example, with over 150,000 fans, has been a regular for truck enthusiasts. They sell all kinds of products by Sinister Diesel at including the new Upgraded EGR cooler options for 6.0L Ford Powerstroke. If you have been waiting to buy a custom kit to upgrade your truck, there are tons of affordable custom kits from high quality brands and even custom parts found at this online retailer. One of the things that has made this online retailer so special is their selection of custom kits and replacement parts. You can find all kinds of diesel engines, repair kits, replacement parts, upgrades and more. Read the rest of this entry »

Choose Western PA Toyota in the Region

Western PA Toyota 300x225 Choose Western PA Toyota in the Region
Oil change prices have drastically gone up in Pennsylvania. There hasn’t been a whole lot of specials going on this summer either. However, there’s one dealership that actually has some specials for the summer and is offering a cheaper rate on oil than other places. Western PA Toyota is a service center that has a special each week. Right now they’re actually offering two specials. One is the summer car tire special and the other is the pre-vacation special. Each one of them takes a special look at your car, fixes issues with alignment and checks for other serious problems before you head out on the road. Getting a Pennsylvania oil change just got a lot easier. You don’t have to pay a whole lot of money to get great service when you go to a place like Western PA Toyota service. Going on vacation with your vehicle this summer can get a little hairy if you don’t get it checked out beforehand. What if there’s something wrong with your engine? What if your A/C isn’t charged? You can make sure all of these things are fixed before going on your vacation just by going to a service center first. The Western PA Toyota mechanics are highly trained individuals who use the best industry tools and practices to fix your car right the first time. That’s why so many people choose Western PA Toyota in the region. You shouldn’t wait on getting your car serviced. If you know it needs work, just talk to the people over at Western PA TOyota for a good rate.

Benefits of Backup sensors for cars

Backup sensors for cars 300x225 Benefits of Backup sensors for cars

Backup sensors for cars add another dimension to car cameras used for backing up cars, and they help eliminate problems when a person is driving their car in reverse. Unlike the back up camera which allows you see what is behind the car when you back up, the car backup sensor makes a loud noise that increases in volume as the car gets closer to the object. One of the major problems with backing up a car is depth perception. You might see another car behind you or a curb while you are backing up, but without physically seeing how much room you have left is difficult. Even when a car camera magnifies the size of the object behind you, the problem remains that you cannot tell what the distance is between you and that object. There are always things you cannot see or notice because they are too low to the ground or directly behind you. With the reverse backup sensor, you will hear the audible warning, and the models that come with a LCD will show you how much distance is between you and the object. Backup sensors for cars are a great safety accessory when driving. They are an important advanced technology that will help avoid those driving in reverse accidents due to hitting objects that you could not see, or even worse, hitting people who you could not see. A backup sensor for the car is worth the investment, and they cost a lot less than paying a deductible on your car should you have an accident.

Frigidaire accessories bring out the best in your appliances

Frigidaire accessories Frigidaire accessories bring out the best in your appliances

Frigidaire accessories bought directly from the manufacturer through the Frigidaire store website ( provide value for customers far beyond other companies and even the purchase of Frigidaire products from retail stores. When you purchase directly through the company, you can take advantage of sales that are unique to the website as well as bulk sales that can only be completed directly through the company. You also gain the advantage of paying manufacturer price rates instead of the convenience and shipping fees that are built into the retail price. Frigidaire accessories bring out the best in your appliances. With add ons such as the Frigidaire water filter, you can give yourself healthier food, water and air without paying an arm and a leg for the privilege. You can always trust products from Frigidaire; the brand is one of the most respected in its industry. Numerous awards from industry authorities and countless testimonials from satisfied customers prove that the company is always ahead of its competition when it comes to accessories. When you are ready to upgrade the quality of your life at a good price, visit the Frigidaire website and avail yourself of the many options that you have to improve the health and functionality of your home appliances through the proper accessories.

Get All of the Information about Purchasing a Vehicle with Toyota Car Comparison Guide

car comparison guide Get All of the Information about Purchasing a Vehicle with Toyota Car Comparison Guide

There are many factors in purchasing a vehicle. Cost, comfort, safety, gas mileage and longevity are all very important things to consider when choosing a vehicle that’s right for you. With the help of a Toyota car comparison guide, you may quickly find all of the information you need to make an informed decision within minutes.

One of the best Toyota comparison websites available to the public is This website sorts the vehicles by make and model and presents readers with all of the information they need in the car. All of the most popular cars are listed on the site, such as the Camry, Prius, Highlander, Corolla and RAV4. The handy comparison graph allows you to look at all of the Toyotas and choose one that is right for you.

The overall cost of car ownership is going to be the deciding factor for most buyers. Things that affect the cost over the lifetime of the vehicle should be considered when choosing a cost-effective car. Miles per gallon and the cost of general maintenance are some of the key factors in determining the price that goes beyond the initial sale. Only by comparing different vehicles can you find the car that is the best all around choice for you and your loved ones.

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